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Rambus and Riscure team up to deliver comprehensive Side-channel Analysis platform

Riscure and Rambus Inc. announce the collaboration to deliver the comprehensive Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection security testing platform to Rambus customers worldwide. According to the agreement, Rambus will expand its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Workstation to include the Riscure Inspector Fault Injection products to deliver a comprehensive solution.

“As the number of widespread chip vulnerabilities continues to grow, hardware-level security and resistance to side-channel attacks is becoming a critical requirement for secure chip design,” said Dr. Martin Scott, SVP/GM of Cryptography and CTO, Rambus. “As leaders in side-channel testing, Rambus and Riscure have a long-standing collaborative relationship and this agreement strengthens that alliance to provide the best overall solutions and services for both company’s customers.”

The collaboration enables Rambus to offer Riscure’s unique fault injection products and capabilities in combination with the Rambus DPA Workstation, allowing our customers to source a combined side-channel testing platform from a single vendor. The combined solution is a powerful and flexible testing platform that includes an integrated suite of hardware and software for analyzing the vulnerabilities of cryptographic chips and systems to attacks such as fault, power and electromagnetic (EM) side-channel attacks.

“Fault Injection becomes an alarmingly widespread hardware attack technique and, on an adversary level, the cost of performing such an attack also decreases,” said Marc Witteman, Chief Executive Officer at Riscure. “To outpace this development, hardware vendors should test their products for robustness against all kinds of hardware vulnerabilities using cutting-edge equipment and attack know-how. Riscure Inspector Fault Injection accumulates more than 10 years of experience in hardware security testing. Thanks to our partnership with Rambus, the world-class fault injection tools and software from Riscure now become available to a wider range of businesses worldwide.”

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