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New service: Embedded Code Review

Riscure announces a new service dedicated to embedded code review. Embedded code in hardware is that is permanently stored in a device’s non-volatile memory, such as ROM or flash memory. This code is executed by the device’s processor or microcontroller and is responsible for controlling the device’s functions and behavior.

There are multiple reasons to conduct the code review of the embedded code in hardware.

  1. Improves Code Quality

Code review helps identify issues when it is still cheap and easy to fix them, ensuring its consistency, readability, and maintainability.

  1. Identifies Security vulnerabilities

Code reviews identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited, narrowing down areas of interest to perform Fault Injection and Side-Channel Analysis.

  1. Ensures compliance

Not only reviewed codes are more likely to adhere to standards and regulations, but also identify gaps in current regulations.

  1. Hardware dependency

Failing to take the hardware architecture into account, exploitable vulnerabilities might be overlooked, and code reviews help to avoid that.

Code reviews can be manual and automated. Riscure’s experience and expertise in both security tools and security testing perfectly positions us to conduct both types of code review. In our review portfolio, we offer code review with the implementation of Fuzzing and Fault Injection Simulation techniques.

Conducting a code review with a third-party lab has its benefits. Firstly, a code review conducted by security lab analysts, who have been exposed to thousands of hacks and code problems out in the market improves the overall code quality and promotes continuous learning and development. Furthermore, it encourages collaboration and communication among team members, it particularly supports “purple teaming” where blue teams and red teams collaborate for a better security outcome.

The Embedded Code Review service is available now. Discover more about the service and the benefits of code review on our website. Do you want to learn more about Riscure services? Contact us at inforequest@riscure.com or by filling in a form online.

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