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Meet with Riscure at CHES2018 and attend Riscure User Workshop

This Sunday, September 9th, the fun starts at CHES 2018 and the 11th Riscure User Workshop at Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 600+ security experts will attend this great workshop. For those attending, please feel free to visit our “Secret Room” during the show where we organize some great things:

Lunch Presentations:

  • Tuesday Lunch Presentation by Job de Haas about Secure Boot
  • Wednesday Lunch Presentation by Martijn Boogaard about Voltage FI

Competitions: 2 chances to win a Nintendo Switch with our software and hardware Fault Injection competition (winner announcement on Tuesday and Wednesday during last coffee break of CHES)

Latest development:

  • See our new affordable (compact) laser station
  • New Inspector running in Python
  • Support for Tektronix scopes
  • Riscure automotive tool
  • Riscure Huracan
  • 2nd Generation of Deep Learning = Making SCA easy again
  • New crypto algorithm support (SM2, SM4 but also GOST and more…)
  • New beta Source Code Evaluation Tool – TCAT
  • and much more!

The ‘Secret Room’ is accessible from the CHES venue or from the outside at ‘Meet Berlage’.

See you soon! And you still have time to register to attend our own event, the Riscure User Workshop, also scheduled next week. See agenda highlights below or download the full program here. Register to attend Riscure User Workshop by completing the form on this page.