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The new Glitch Amplifier delivers better measurement precision

Riscure releases the updated Glitch Amplifier, a hardware tool that is part of the Riscure Inspector line-up. Glitch Amplifier is designed to conduct Fault Injection testing, in which it is capable of generating and amplifying sharp glitches with high success rate. The updated version of this instrument significantly improves the measurement capability, allowing developers, researchers and security labs to obtain detailed test results for further analysis.

Pattern Recognition

Glitch Amplifier has started as part of a device security testing setup used to generate glitches. Delivering glitch impulses of precise form at a precise time is key to a successful vulnerability identification. However, this is only part of the testing challenge. Precise measurement of results enables pattern recognition: when an operator identifies a range of parameters in which fault injection has the highest probability of success. This is especially important when timing of glitches is not a decisive factor of a successful attack.

To address that, the improved Glitch Amplifier significantly increases measurement bandwidth, from 1 Ghz to 4.5 GHz. To further enhance measurement quality and improve compatibility with other Riscure tools, Glitch Amplifier is bundled with the Base Unit Amplifier. This device further amplifies measurements obtained by the Glitch Amplifier for further processing.


The updated Glitch Amplifier replaces the old version and is immediately available for order. Learn more about this tool on our website. If you would like to discuss the capabilities of the updated Glitch Amplifier or have any other questions regarding Riscure Inspector testing equipment, feel free to reach out to us via inforequest@riscure.com.

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