Home News All six national-level automotive testing centers in China use Riscure products

All six national-level automotive testing centers in China use Riscure products

Riscure is proud to announce that all six national-level automotive testing centers in China have adopted Riscure’s set of tools and software in their security compliance workflow. The testing centers include CATARC, SMVIC, China Merchant Testing Center (formerly known as Chongqing Automotive Inspection Center), NAST, CAERI and CATC. Among those, CAERI and CATC testing organizations were the latest to award Riscure the tender for the supply of our market-leading testing equipment.

Arthur Mei, General Manager at Riscure China, commented: “This is a major achievement for Riscure, and a sign of recognition for our device security expertise. From now on, all security compliance testing of the relevant automotive components will be conducted using Riscure equipment, in particular the Inspector Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection software suite together with the accompanying full range of hardware. China’s automotive industry chose Riscure technology to build their security labs for the outstanding precision, effectiveness and automation capabilities”.

With the official release of the latest heavy truck emission remote monitoring technology specification (HJ1239.1) by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection on December 27, 2021, China has taken the lead in introducing side channel and fault injection technology into the testing of related vehicles and components worldwide. Riscure expects relevant regulatory testing agencies in China to apply side channel and fault injection detection technology to more vehicle types and related equipment in the future. Riscure will continue to maintain its commitment to automotive customers in China and worldwide, to provide them with world-class technology and services.

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