We’re a global security test lab and market leader in side channel test equipment


We challenge your product security by using thorough and inventive testing to discover security weaknesses

Our mission

Riscure challenges the security of chips and devices by using thorough and inventive testing to discover security weaknesses. Use Riscure and find out how strong your security really is. Our international team of experts combines the latest attack techniques on hardware and software to explore the strength of your product. We can evaluate it for you or you can purchase our test equipment to do it yourself.


Riscure was founded in 2001 by Marc Witteman, who has been working the field of chip security since 1993. Operating from Delft in the Netherlands, Riscure started serving customers from all around the world. During the first years, security evaluation services were the main focus, mostly for customers in the financial industry. Later on the evaluation services also evolved towards the pay-tv industry. When in 2005 the first product was sold to a customer, development of security test equipment also became integral to Riscure's business. In 2011 Riscure opened an office in San Francisco USA in order to get local presence for its customers in North America.

A strong focus with a global impact

Riscure evaluates the security of chip technology and embedded devices that are designed to operate securely in any environment. We are the leading security test lab for chips and settopboxes deployed in the pay-tv industry. Riscure is also international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel robustness of chip technology. Riscure's equipment is used by chip manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories all around the world.

How we work

We value each other's opinion, we realise we need one another to perform outstanding work in a complex technical environment and we understand the fine balance between creativity and structure. Our flat organisational structure and strong involvement of everyone in the company makes us highly innovative and a fun place to work. We believe that everyone should have a say in how he or she performs his or her work. Not because of the sake of it, but because it creates true job satisfaction and a strong commitment that result in high quality and creative work.

quick facts

founded 2001

employees 72

Riscure offices & resellers

our team

Riscure - Security Lab

  • Pascal van Gimst Pascal van Gimst Director Sales and Business Development

Riscure - Inspector

  • Bartek Gedrojc Bartek Gedrojc Commercial Director
  • Fred de Beer Fred de Beer Technical Director

Riscure North America

  • Mats Nahlinder Mats Nahlinder President and CFO North America

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  • Jasper van Woudenberg Jasper van Woudenberg CTO North America


  • Alexander Heijning Alexander Heijning COO
  • Marc Witteman Marc Witteman CEO

Jasper van Woudenberg

CTO North America

San Francisco



65 professionals

  • Maurice Aarts Maurice Aarts Security Analyst
  • Nikita Abdullin Nikita Abdullin Security Analyst
  • Valentina Banciu Valentina Banciu Security Analyst
  • Amanda van den Berg Amanda van den Berg Office and Facility Manager
  • Gerrit van der Bij Gerrit van der Bij Senior Security Analyst
  • Martijn Bogaard Martijn Bogaard Security Analyst

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  • Rafael Boix Carpi Rafael Boix Carpi Senior Security Analyst and trainer
  • Marco Brasser Marco Brasser Senior System Engineer
  • Cees-Bart Breunesse Cees-Bart Breunesse Principal Security Analyst
  • Erik van den Brink Erik van den Brink Security Evaluation Manager
  • Mayla Bruso Mayla Bruso Security Evaluation Manager
  • Ileana Buhan Ileana Buhan R&D Manager
  • Hans Buijs Hans Buijs Senior Electronics Product Engineer
  • Di Cao Di Cao Senior Hardware Engineer
  • Lukasz Chmielewski Lukasz Chmielewski Senior Security Analyst
  • Evan Crockett Evan Crockett Office Administrator
  • Sander Degen Sander Degen Security Evaluation Manager
  • Jacques van Dijk Jacques van Dijk System Engineer
  • Baris Ege Baris Ege Security Analyst
  • Caroline Favrot Lee Caroline Favrot Lee Office Administrator
  • Alexandru Geana Alexandru Geana Security Analyst
  • Job de Haas Job de Haas Principal Security Analyst
  • Tim Hartog Tim Hartog International Sales & Business Development Manager
  • Annemieke van der Horst Annemieke van der Horst HRM Advisor
  • Tim Hummel Tim Hummel Security Analyst
  • Prem Jagai Prem Jagai Electronics Engineer and Lab Coordinator
  • Vishwas Jain Vishwas Jain Security Analyst
  • Fatih Kirbiyik Fatih Kirbiyik Security Evaluator
  • Mufide Kirkici Mufide Kirkici Canteen worker
  • Karsten Klohs Karsten Klohs Evaluation Team Lead
  • Bart Jan Koning Bart Jan Koning Business Development Manager
  • Siebe Krijgsman Siebe Krijgsman Security Analyst
  • Jelte Kuijs Jelte Kuijs Security Evaluation Manager
  • Wim Lemmens Wim Lemmens Electronics Engineer
  • Vanessa Lopes Vanessa Lopes HRM Assistant
  • Alan Marzec Alan Marzec International Sales & Business Development Manager
  • Edgar Mateos Santillan Edgar Mateos Santillan Security Analyst
  • Federico Menarini Federico Menarini Principal Security Analyst
  • Zara Minasjan Zara Minasjan Head Financial Administration
  • Mafalda Monteiro Oliveira Cortez Mafalda Monteiro Oliveira Cortez Security Analyst
  • Ruben Muijrers Ruben Muijrers Security Analyst
  • Cristofaro Mune Cristofaro Mune Principal Security Analyst
  • Eduardo Novella Lorente Eduardo Novella Lorente Security Analyst
  • Krzysztof Okupski Krzysztof Okupski Security Analyst
  • Jasmina Omic Jasmina Omic Senior Security Analyst
  • Jing Pan Jing Pan Senior Security Analyst
  • Ramiro Pareja Ramiro Pareja Senior Security Analyst
  • Petra Pilon Petra Pilon Sales and Delivery Support
  • Alyke Poelstra Alyke Poelstra Office and Facility Management Assistant
  • Harko Robroch Harko Robroch Product Manager
  • Danique Sahassanondha Danique Sahassanondha Sales and Delivery Support
  • Eloi Sanfelix Gonzalez Eloi Sanfelix Gonzalez Principal Security Analyst
  • Jeroen Senden Jeroen Senden Security Analyst
  • Ravian Siem-A-Joe Ravian Siem-A-Joe Production & Development Engineer
  • Tin Soerdien Tin Soerdien Electrotechnical Engineer
  • Albert Spruyt Albert Spruyt Senior Security Analyst
  • Robert van Spyk Robert van Spyk Senior Security Analyst
  • Jonathan Taverne Jonathan Taverne Security Analyst
  • Niek Timmers Niek Timmers Senior Security Analyst
  • Praveen Vadnala Praveen Vadnala Security Analyst
  • Rajesh Velegalati Rajesh Velegalati Security Analyst
  • Paul Verhaar Paul Verhaar Resource Manager Security Lab
  • Dennis Vermoen Dennis Vermoen Principal Security Analyst
  • Wendy Winkelman Wendy Winkelman Canteen worker
  • Kai Zhang Kai Zhang Senior Software Support Engineer

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Martijn Bogaard

Security Analyst