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Research Internship – North America

Hello there!

If you’re looking for an internship that lives on the bleeding edge of new technology, a place you can work with an all-star team of experienced security experts, and overall just save the world, then you’ve discovered the correct internship description! Riscure Inc. is looking for graduate and post-graduate students that are passionate about security and want to get their hands dirty with some exciting challenges in the world of security R&D. Being in San Francisco means we have the privilege of being exposed to the most exciting technical developments in the world, and we intend to leverage that privilege for some serious leveling up of colleagues and interns alike.

We are offering paid and remote internships, and if you are in the Bay Area, then you are more than welcome to use our office as your home base during your internship with us.*  Being an intern means contributing to improving the state of the art in security tools, while getting sense of what it’s like to work at Riscure.  We’re always on the quest to find better ways of improving the security of embedded devices around us. Here are the kinds of topics we’re interested in:

  • Detecting and fixing fault and side channel issues in software. We have an interesting rise of hardware hacking, combined with the rise of ubiquitous cheap-devices-that-need-security. This means soon we’ll start to see FI and SCA becoming ubiquitous on IoT devices. How to protect software, if the hardware doesn’t? Good question, and you could help solve it.
  • Fuzzing and dynamic analysis of embedded devices. Sure, the industry has mostly figured out how to fuzz (web) applications, but embedded devices have their unique challenges. We also work on symbolic execution to find vulnerabilities. You may too.
  • Pre-silicon fault and side channel testing. The holy grail for protecting silicon against faults and side channel is to find the issues during the design phase, when it can still be fixed. This is a challenging topic, combining the areas of hardware design, simulation and side channel / fault. And that’s why it’s interesting!
  • Advanced fault injection and side channel. Ever dreamt of applying deep learning to side channel analysis? Or tuning an FI setup automatically? Or doing analysis using photon emissions? So have we.


Apply here: Research Internship in the Security Domain. Include your resume, cover letter, and if you have any hardware project, source code, academic thesis, whitepaper, or anything else that is relevant and that you’re proud of, don’t hesitate send a to link to it as well.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate based of race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, age, or any other legally applicable characteristics. Being a diverse, multi-national company is one of the things that makes us strong, and we don’t intend to change any time soon.

*COVID-19 update: The health and safety of our employees and our global community is at utmost importance to us. As we continue to monitor the evolving situation, we appreciate your understanding and flexibility with any changes related to travel, the position, and our interviewing process.