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Fault Injection Resistance Measure

During this 30-minute presentation we will go over how to determine the resistance against an FI attack for a product.

Fault injection is an attack method that gains popularity the last years. A successful fault injection attack can give an attacker numerous ways to misuse your products, get access to your IP or in other ways exploit their harmful activities.

Luckily there are various ways and tools that you can use to test your product for resistance against fault injection attack. Unfortunately non of these methods and tools, today, give you an objective measure to show how well protected a product is not a measure that can be used to compare products.

Riscure is designing a method and implementation that introduces such a measure and will help vendors assess their products in such a way that efforts for protection can be verified in an objective manner and not only by the effort that has been put in testing.

Your host for this webinar is Erwin in t’ Veld, Tools Product Manager at Riscure.

This is an on-demand webinar, the recording is available for you any time after registration.

For more information, contact: inforequest@riscure.com