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From the authors of 20 ways to bypass secure boot, learn to avoid costly development mistakes when designing and implementing a secure bootloader.


At the end of this two-day training you will have the ability to:

  • Explain the fundamental design blocks for a secure boot;
  • Analyze the trade-offs between the benefits and costs of each of the building blocks;
  • Implement a secure boot starting from an existing bootloader;
  • Describe state-of the art threats;
  • Make choices of the countermeasures suited for your use case;
  • Harden your implementation against state-of-the-art attacks.


  • You design embedded devices and are concerned about the integrity of your software;
  • You develop bootloaders and would like to add security;
  • You plan to design or add secure boot to an existing solution;
  • You designed/implemented secure boot and would like to improve its security;
  • You are a security architect of embedded devices which need to pass industry certification.


We focus on the early stages of boot for three reasons: first, these stages are critical for the overall solution, second early boot stages are custom-designed for each platform and third there are standard techniques for the later stages of boot such as DM-verity for Linux Based Solutions:

  • Essential building blocks for a secure bootloader;
  • Design choices for integrating a secure boot;
  • Integration of functional requirements in design decisions;
  • Crypto do’s and don’ts;
  • Common software vulnerabilities;
  • Fault Injection Attacks;
  • Side Channel Analysis.


In this highly interactive course we transform an existing bootloader into a secure bootloader. We interleave compact theory sessions with hands on exercises and discussion sessions. Case studies are based on public attacks, selected based on our 15 year of experience in evaluating secure bootloaders.

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