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Effective Technical Decision Making for Automotive Security

An automotive E/E solution that does not protect from an adversarial action cannot be considered state-of-the-art. Breached security of a safety-critical component leads to potential liability and may result in a costly delay in production because you cannot meet your functional safety requirements any longer. Based on years of experience developing and certifying secure devices and software across various industries, Riscure has created a dedicated interactive Automotive Security Training. The course is accessible online.

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Course features


Riscure HQ is located in a beautiful city of Delft, but traveling here takes time and money. We are offering this training online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime.


We know you are busy so we don’t beat around the bush
and give you the information straight up.


Watching an online course can test your patience. We
break the content in pieces and add a healthy dose of
interactive exercises.


All lessons in this short course are immediately
applicable on the job.


For a low price you get access to hours of video content, downloadable training materials, and the possibility to ask questions to our experts.

What customers are saying

  • ”Very good training in terms of content, trainer skills as well as organization. Would fully recommend it!” – Software Team Leader, Continental
  • ”Very knowledgeable and deep understanding of training material.” – Cybersecurity Technical Manager, Aptiv
  • ”Absolutely take the training! The staff is, to say the least, exceptional.” – Cybersecurity Lab Engineer, Aptiv
  • ”Anyone writing code for or working with embedded systems should at least be aware of security issues in C & Linux. This training is an excellent way to get that awareness and learn best practices to avoid the issues.” – Embedded Software Engineer, Telit


Download the detailed program description here.

Get in touch with us via or use the links below to access the first two parts of this program immediately.

Purchase – Part 1: Fast Track Your Security

Purchase – Part 2: Security Requirements Engineering

Purchase – Part 3: Source Code Development

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