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The advent and fast growing complexity of connected and autonomous vehicles makes security an increasingly relevant topic to the automotive industry. Riscure has launched a highly interactive 3-part online security training program for the automotive industry which covers key expertise areas of secure code development and security requirements engineering. This online training connects you directly with Riscure experts and delivers security knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable on the job. It saves you time and travel costs, and now the price of attending is only 200 euro per course segment! Attending this training helps you embed the best security practices in your automotive development process.

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Do you want to learn the best practices for securing the next generation vehicle systems?

At Riscure we provide security knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable on the job. Our security trainers and specialists have a strong technical background. Riscure’s expertise is obtained by performing commercial and research work across several industry verticals. We are launching a highly interactive 3-part online security training program which covers key expertise areas:

  • Part 1: Fast track your security. Price: 200 euro. Adding security to a product is expensive. Some costs can be easily quantified, while others are revealed in the process. Register here to reduce unpredictable costs and fast track your security.
  • Part 2: Security Requirements Engineering. Price: 200 euro. Save time and avoid common pitfalls by writing technical solutions that meet OEM security requirements. Register here to jumpstart your security requirements engineering process.
  • Part 3: Secure code development. Price: 200 euro. Dive into the economics of secure coding and learn about the shortcomings of secure coding guidelines. Register here and get the tools you need to prepare threat responses.

Now is a great time to enroll in this course as we are offering early bird registration until February 14, 2019. This course is modular, parts of the training can be purchased individually using the links above.

Download the detailed overview of Security Fast Track module

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To help you learn more about the course contents, we are hosting a series of free webinars with highlights from this Automotive training. The first webinar was held on January 29, you can watch the recording here. The second webinar is scheduled on February 21, at 4PM CET. Our security expert and trainer Rafael Boix Carpi will compare the evaluation processes for achieve safety and security in the automotive development environment.

Click here to register to attend the webinar on February 21.

Also check out Riscure’s publications in the field of automotive security.

Interested in what our automotive customers are saying about us?

  • “Great startup for pen testing” – Software Developer, Continental, 2018
  • ”Very good training in terms of content, trainer skills as well as organization. Would fully recommend it!” – Software Team Leader, Continental, 2018
  • ”Very knowledgeable and deep understanding of training material.” – Cybersecurity Technical Manager, Aptiv, 2018
  • ”Absolutely take the training! The staff is, to say the least, exceptional.” – Cybersecurity Lab Engineer, Aptiv, 2018
  • ”Anyone writing code for or working with embedded systems should at least be aware of security issues in C & Linux. This training is an excellent way to get that awareness and learn best practices to avoid the issues.” – Embedded Software Engineer, Telit, 2018

How will the course work?

The course consists of three modules. You can choose to attend a single one, although we recommend attending all of them. Each of the three modules consists of three parts: an instructor-led live session, time for self study and a Q&A session.

During the instructor-led 2-hour live session, we discuss the relevant security definitions and topics. You have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with your trainer and other trainees. The live webinar will be recorded, just in case you cannot attend at the announced time or if you want to refresh your memory.

After the live session you will be assigned optional homework, which you should complete over the following 4 days. The homework consists of practical assignments which you can complete at your own pace, working on your own or as a team. We estimate completing the homework should take you up to 1 hour.

At the end of the 4-day self study period there is a 1 hour live Q&A session, during which the homework and all other questions you might have are discussed.

The timeline of the first module ‘Security Fast Track’ is shown below. You are encouraged to attend live sessions, but the recording will be available at any time after the session for you to study.


Who is the course for?

If your job means you are responsible for at least two requirements from the below list, then you are a perfect candidate for the training. Contact us to learn more.

  • Interface with stakeholders to understand requirements, domains, viable technologies.
  • Advise project team on key issues of functional safety especially in requirements engineering and management especially in software design and architecture development activities.
  • Create, maintain and refine all documents relating to security topics such as: security plans, security objectives and requirements, functional architecture, requirements for hardware and software for automotive ECU development projects.
  • Identify risks, quality issues, business opportunities, estimate effort, analyze requirements and establish priorities.
  • Define architectural requirements and align them internally as well as with the customer.

Why is this course special?

Our training philosophy is centered around collaboration. We are committed to working together with you in order to mitigate and prevent weaknesses in your products and services. We help you learn the basics of attacks and defenses in an immersive, hands-on approach, and enable you to practice until you master newly acquired skills and knowledge. Our team consists of both automotive and security experts. We support you throughout the entire development life cycle.

How to register for this course?

Access our e-learning platform where you will be able to register to attend this course. Each course part is available for purchase individually. Click to access Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Once you register, you can pay a course fee right away. For special payment options and any other inquiries feel free to contact us via

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