Advanced SCA Training

How and when to apply Template Analysis? How does high-order DPA work on RSA? How can TVLA help me to more efficiently measure leakage? You have received our introduction training and now you are stuck with high-security targets?

When you progress in the field of side channel analysis you encounter many challenging topics. You want to master advanced techniques in order to verify the strength of strong countermeasures in chip products. In this training you learn how to apply advanced techniques.

This 2 day training course is aimed at side channel professionals who implement countermeasures and/or security evaluators that use side channels to measure leakage.

During the training you perform hands-on exercises with real-world targets while we also address the theoretical backgrounds of the attacks. For the exercises you work in small groups using our side channel test equipment.

The topics are:

  • Recap fundamentals of Correlation Power Analysis (CPA)
  • Perform Template Analysis and Point of Interest selection (on key loading and symmetric ciphers)
  • Implement advanced leakage models
  • Detect leakage using T-test
  • Assess leakage with TVLA
  • DPA on Elliptic Curve signature (ECC Nyberg – Rueppel) with real-time pattern triggering
  • Second-order DPA on masked AES implementations
  • High-order analysis on an m-ary RSA implementation
  • Chosen-plaintext DPA attack on t-table-based AES (e.g. openSSL)

At the end of the training you will have a thorough understanding of these commonly applied advanced test methods and you know how to apply them on real chip products with strong countermeasures to assess their security strength. The techniques enable you to test the strength of publicly known countermeasures such as masking, key randomization, non-standard and optimized crypto implementations, and random delays.

People attending this training should have experience with performing side channel testing in practice. Experience with the Riscure side channel test equipment is useful but not required.

After registration you will receive an invoice which is due before the training. Riscure further reserves the right to cancel the training if insufficient people registered. In that case we will refund the money or propose to you a rescheduled training.

The program can be downloaded here: 2 days advanced SCA program