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Riscure Assurance for Premium Content is a security evaluation program specifically designed for Media technology vendors such as secure chip vendors and secure application vendors, to provide assurance to content owners and operators allowing those to decide about risks and liability. Developed by Riscure, it is the only comprehensive tool available that gives assurance from an independent market leader and is based on years of experience and hundreds of successful projects for the Premium Content market. Riscure Assurance for Premium Content helps the industry by introducing the universal security assurance levels for a wide variety of components and software modules based on Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology.

Addressing the needs of Premium Content protection

Riscure Assurance for Premium Content looks deep in the security aspects of an entire product. It is designed to implement security as early as possible in the development cycle. Ten Assurance Levels provide a clear and straightforward evaluation path with detailed testing process for each step. The result is an increased level of confidence in the security of a product for manufacturers, content providers and consumers.

Riscure Assurance for Premium Content offers detailed evaluation guidelines for specific components as well as a whole system, providing methods of continuous evaluation for software components and keeping in mind market-specific requirements such as a proper integration of a CA, DRM, Watermarking or Secure Media Path system. Riscure Assurance for Premium Content also provides a common ground for certification across different schemes. Results of security evaluation can be reused for multiple certifications.

Benefits of Riscure Assurance for Premium Content

  • Respects the unique industry requirements

    Evaluates the integration of Secure Media Path, DRM, Watermarking and other technologies.

  • Applies the most advanced attack methods

    Side-Channel, Fault Injection and logical attacks.

  • Protects your investments and improves time-to-market

    An evaluation conducted earlier in the development cycle allows our customers to identify and solve security issues faster and cheaper.

  • Compatibility with common Certification programs

    Riscure Assurance for Premium Content embeds the requirements of applicable certification schemes.

  • Perfect timing

    Selected components of a solution are reviewed as they become available.

  • Flexibility

    Vendors can select their desired level of assurance based on their current needs.

  • Modularity

    Component Assurance Levels can be reused to evaluate a final product.

  • Publicity

    Public endorsement of the successful completion of Riscure Assurance evaluation so that you can share the news with your partners and customers (conditions apply).

Our approach provides a stable overview of the quality of a product, with a strong potential for a longer validity compared to snapshot-oriented methods. Riscure Assurance for Premium Content is the practical security evaluation program that respects the latest developments in embedded systems security, unique requirements of the industry and, of course, the needs of our customers.
- Marc Witteman, CEO, Riscure

Riscure Assurance Levels

Riscure Assurance for Premium Content offers a straightforward yet highly detailed security evaluation plan with ten levels of assurance. The program starts with self-assessment based on the detailed questionnaire provided by Riscure. The first level that can be obtained in the Riscure Assurance program is Level 1, awarded after successful evaluation of the proposed design by Riscure’s security experts. Every subsequent level provides additional evaluation options and criteria to pass such as the target number of logical errors in hardware, frequency of software errors, quality of integration of different components and positive results of a penetration test.

Strong expertise in Security of Trusted Execution Environments

Many of today’s Content Protection solutions rely on a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE): a combination of hardware (HW) and software (SW) designed to provide a higher level of security than a typical feature-rich operating system. TEE at the same time offers better versatility than a fully isolated hardware-only solution. TEEs start to become the centerpiece of a secure content delivery system. This brings new security risks and changes the development cycles, where software modules of certain systems are constantly upgraded and improved. Strong TEE expertise is another major advantage for Riscure customers.

A TEE security evaluation program should assess TEEs’ system-level security, focusing on boundaries enforcement with a holistic approach, by complementing security testing with focused review activities. Also, modern product security has to embrace the concept that a product is neither immutable nor invulnerable. Factors preventing vulnerabilities, reducing their density, yielding exploit mitigations, recovery and overall product resiliency are vital for effective in-field security strategies. Such factors need to be considered and should significantly contribute to any security assessment outcome.

Finally, a product-level security rating, significant even after identified vulnerabilities are resolved and using metrics resilient to small code changes, is needed for supporting fast SW development cycles, providing, at the same time, a robust indicator for product-level assurance. The Riscure Assurance for Premium Content evaluation program takes all the above into consideration, introducing modern security concepts in the Content Protection industry and in the evaluation of its products.

- Cristofaro Mune, Product Security Consultant, Independent Advisor to Riscure Assurance program

How to evaluate a solution under Riscure Assurance for Premium Content

The Riscure Assurance program offers universal assurance levels, but the means of passing the criteria are unique for every product and company. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you to discuss your specific project.

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