Benefits of attack-side evaluation

Our job is to stay abreast of the latest attacks globally to help you prevent them on your devices. We focus on security of (connected or unconnected) embedded devices, which have to operate in hostile/vulnerable environments (i.e. devices where physical access is also an option).

Focusing your secure development efficiently on where vulnerabilities are

By having razorsharp focus on finding vulnerabilities associated with a broad range of attack methods, we allow you to focus your obfuscation and hardening measures exactly where you might be vulnerable, as opposed to designing or programming generic measures across the board. More often than not, this saves you development time and for sure drives more certainty if you are preparing for a level of security certification.

On top, even while implementing secure development best practice, industry data show that human error and oversights will still result in remaining vulnerabilities. An attacker’s view then helps differentiate between highly critical issues which would result in a significant vulnerability and low priority ones, which may still be an oversight or problem, but would unlikely result in a relevant attack.

Importance of combined hard- and software expertise

Our combined hard- and software expertise allows us to both assess exploitable problems in the software and any vulnerabilities on the hardware-side, which could have an attacker achieve white box access to your system. The latter would risk exposing your code, which fundamentally undermines security, since white box is far simpler for an attacker to exploit than black box, where the device code is unreachable. By us helping you understand the attacker side, it allows you to prevent access exactly where and how they might attack.

While nothing is ever full proof… we have seen time and time again that the attackers mindset method truly allows our customers to drive security to a level where it becomes unattractive for attackers to break a system. An important reason why we count industries like financials and payment, as well as vendors who successfully differentiate their products on security measures, amongst our loyal customers.