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Mobile ticketing and payment in transit

As customers are spending significant time of their lives with their mobile devices, there is a market demand supported by technology innovations to use smartphone to pay in transport. The solution, called Mobile Ticketing, designed to bring more convenience into a transport user experience. Everywhere all over the world different transport operators and solution providers working on increase usability of payment methods in transport.

Mobile ticketing solutions can be purely software or hardware/software combined solutions based on TEE. Over the course of security evaluations and formal certifications Riscure accumulated knowledge in Transit domain by evaluating software-based transit solutions as well as TEE solutions.

Main European transit authorities like VDV and public transport operators trust Riscure. Our engineers and security experts were involved not only on security assessments, but also helped main European transit authorities to create security evaluation Programs for Mobile Ticketing solutions.

Based on the partnership with different authorities and work done for main technology providers for mobile ticketing solutions and next generation e-ticketing systems, Riscure has accumulated vast experience to help clients on each step of their solution development process.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Expert knowledge to streamline the evaluation of mobile ticketing solutions and next generation e-ticketing systems.

Changes and adaptations to satisfy requirements can be easily attached to the main evaluation.

Recognized security lab with vast experience in securing Mobile Ticketing solutions.

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