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Over a decade of experience in the smartcard industry

Riscure has over a decade experience with many forms of smartcard implementations and can support customers with security evaluation for most if not all of them.

Pay-TV Conditional Access cards

A smart card contains a user’s Pay-TV subscription information, used in their Set Top Box receiver. We typically evaluate and test the protection mechanisms that aim to prevent card cloning.

(U)SIM cards

A (Universal) Subscriber Identity Module is used in GSM and UMTS mobile networks for subscriber identification. This smart card stores the secret keys that are used to authenticate a phone to the mobile network, thereby protecting a user’s account from abuse. (U)SIMs are increasingly used to provide extra functionality, such as payment purses or mobile banking.

Public transport cards

A chip implements electronic access control and payments and is distributed by a public transport operator. These cards or tokens contain subscription or purse information, and protect this using cryptographic keys. Balancing performance and security are a large challenge in these chips.

EMV banking cards

A smart card implements a banking application based on the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) specifications. EMV cards and readers protect the confidentiality of user account information and the integrity of financial transactions.

Electronic Road Pricing devices

A chip implements automatic toll collection for electronic road pricing. These devices contain user information that needs to be protected against cloning and modification. A smart card is often used in combination with a more powerful transmitter in the card.

NFC mobile payment chips

A secure element embedded in a mobile phone that communicates via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and which is used to implement payment functionality. The secure element protects the user’s account details and optionally purse balance, and allows performing secure transactions.

ePassports & ID cards

Electronic passports and other ID cards are travel documents using contactless smart card technology and are issued by national governments. These chips allow electronic access to user’s passport information, and will in the future also contain biometric information. At the higher security levels, these chips prevent cloning and remote (malicious) readouts of the user’s information.

Access control tokens

A chip is embedded in a small token as a replacement for physical keys to open building doors, gates and cars. This is typically secured by storing a secret key in the token, which needs to be protected from extraction.

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