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Security Services for Automotive

The automotive industry is in a phase of tremendous change. Trends like electrification, connected and ultimately autonomous cars are creating the biggest revolution this industry has ever seen. Especially the connected and autonomous car create whole new challenges for the engineers developing them. One of these challenges is security. After having the car become safer and safer for decades we now face the risk of cars becoming unsafe due to a lack of security. Because if you cannot trust your connected, shared or autonomous car, safe travel is no longer guaranteed.


Safety is of course the first concern of car makers. However, the technological developments on connectivity and data use and storage in a car or a connected back end system also come with a responsibility. Users of modern connected cars need to be sure that their private data is stored and communicated in a secure way. In order to do so, it is not enough to source good components and simply connect them into a network or eco-system. The architecture and security measures of the entire system need to be developed and implemented in a secure way. In the end the security of the system is like the strength of a chain, an attacker will always look for the weakest link.

Riscure’s automotive security team, consisting of both automotive and security experts, support vehicle manufacturers and supplier to make their vehicles, products and accompanying services secure. Riscure’s expertise is obtained by performing industry and research work in the automotive industry. We have developed services that are beneficial throughout the development life cycle. We can support you before, during and after the manufacturing phase of your products.

Riscure Security Services for Automotive

Threat and Risk Analysis

We can evaluate your solution and provide an extensive report on potential security risks that we identify ‘from an attacker’s perspective’.

Penetration Testing

We offer Penetration Testing services to evaluate the security of your automotive device, mobile application and back-end services. A classic approach to test the robustness of your solution from provided by a dedicated team of automotive security experts.

Code and Design Review

We help automotive vendors establish proper security requirements to ensure robustness from the earliest stages of development.

Our security review services during active development include design and source code review. In our vulnerability analysis we are capable of covering the solution itself as well as its implementation in the final product.