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Security Services for Automotive

For automotive vendors concerned with their product security posture, Riscure provides services supported by years of embedded system security integrated with a deep understanding of automotive technology and the market.

Safety is, of course, the first concern of carmakers. However, the technological developments in connectivity and data use and storage in a car or a connected back-end system also come with security concerns and liability.

A secure system is not a simple combination of secure components. The architecture and security measures of the entire system, including the integration step, must be developed and implemented in a secure way.

Riscure team, consisting of both automotive and security experts, supports vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in making their vehicles, products, and accompanying services secure. Riscure expertise is obtained by performing commercial and research activities in the automotive industry as well as it is rooted in our experience in evaluating T-boxes, Telematic Units, and OBD2 dongles used for fleet control and tracking, ADAS with sensors such as LiDAR and cameras as well as infotainment systems with WIFI and BT connectivity. We can support you before, during, and after the manufacturing phase of your products.

Riscure is a recognized security analysis laboratory with experience in security assessment and testing of HW and SW of individual components (SOC, ECU microcontroller, mobile and server applications, etc.) as well as reviews of security-focused technologies (TEE/OS, communication protocols, secure boot, cryptographic functionality and robustness of countermeasures).

Riscure Security Services for Automotive

Penetration Testing

We offer Penetration Testing services to evaluate the security of your automotive device, mobile application, and back-end services. A dedicated team of automotive security experts provides a classic approach to testing your solution’s robustness.

Code and Design Review

We help automotive vendors establish proper security requirements to ensure robustness from the earliest stages of development. Our security review services during active development include design and source code analysis.

Threat and Risk Analysis

We can evaluate your solution and provide an extensive report on potential security risks that we identify ‘from an attacker’s perspective.’


Track record

Riscure has performed >50 security evaluation projects for >25 customers, including

  • Source code reviews for Tier 1s and Tier 2s
  • Architecture/design reviews for Tier 1s and Tier 2s
  • Design reviews and secure boot reviews on chipsets for Top-10 semiconductor powerhouses
  • Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing for Tier 1 solutions