DRM & ChinaDRM Security Evaluations and Certification

For developers of software-based DRM solutions who would like to become accredited by existing schemes or demonstrate the security of the solution to content owners, Riscure provides PlayReady and ChinaDRM evaluations.

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Riscure is a strategic partner of ChinaDRM Lab, the subdivision of the Academy of Broadcasting Science of China. Under this partnership framework, Riscure works closely with ChinaDRM Lab on establishing the ChinaDRM security evaluation scheme, advising on ChinaDRM security evaluation technologies, the evaluation process and tiered rating scheme of assurance level based on quantized security requirements. In this position, Riscure is committed to provide DRM solution providers, SoC (system-on-chip) vendors and terminal device manufacturers with security evaluation services which will cover ChinaDRM Robustness Rules.

Riscure is also accredited by Microsoft as a security test lab for evaluating PlayReady products against the applicable Compliance and Robustness Rules. All Microsoft PlayReady products must meet the applicable Compliance and Robustness Rules as specified in the PlayReady License Agreement(s). Microsoft has launched the SL3000 certification program for Intermediate Product Licensees to demonstrate compliance and robustness of their PlayReady products.

ABS/ChinaDRM Lab is extremely happy to have strategic cooperation with Riscure. In the past year Riscure has greatly contributed to ChinaDRM eco-system by offering professional and highly efficient security evaluation/consulting services to chipset vendors, DRM solution providers and device/application providers from all over the world. We highly appreciate Riscure’s contribution to help improve ChinaDRM standardization activities on adoption of the latest testing technique and methodology. Looking forward we expect to broaden our cooperation between ABS/ChinaDRM Lab and Riscure to ensure a greater success of ChinaDRM worldwide.
- Guo Peiyu, Director, ABS/ChinaDRM Lab

Benefits of working with Riscure

  • Expert knowledge on a wide variety of evaluation schemes.

  • One-stop shop for multiple security certification programs.

  • Testing against the industry-relevant attack methods.

  • Actively supporting clients in understanding the security vulnerabilities.

  • Helping customers prioritize and define mitigation strategies.

  • Constantly improving customer’s security skills for their long-term success in the market.

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