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Fast tracking more secure solutions and certification

Fast tracking more secure solutions and certification

In today’s competitive and agile marketplace, secure products brought timely to market are more important than ever.  However, security certification, delivering secure product and time to market often become mutually competing goals, with one of them losing out in the race to market launch.  At the same time, typical security validation/certification work happens at the end of a development process, without a developer having high degrees of assurance regarding how likely the solution will actually pass the certification process or meet desired security requirements.

It is not uncommon to see developers, especially less experienced teams, needing 2 or 3 test cycles to achieve certification, wasting substantial resource and money in the process, let alone the risks of a delayed launch window.

Riscure has been able to work with some of our lead customers over the past years of security testing and certification to start developing more pro-active and effective processes to enable you to deliver more secure product which still meets your time to market objectives.

We are seeing that “embedding” the processes associated with security testing as part of your regular development path is crucial to be able to make substantial gains. Because our company offers security training, tooling as well as security services, we are also agnostic to the offered solution.

Every customer’s development process is somewhat different and you may wish and need to take different decisions regarding strategic outsourcing of certain work versus developing the internal capability with a partner to achieve the optimal result.

We will often recommend to train and coach where the development team’s skillset is crucial for progress, may recommend certain tooling where internal company testing can allow higher assurance levels and speed… and will work with you to adjust processes to maximize pre-certification steps versus holding off security robustness evaluation all the way to the end of the development path.


SecFast embeds security with respect to the unique features of your development process. Fill out the form if you would like to discuss how to implement this approach. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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