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Playready certification

All Microsoft PlayReady products must meet the applicable Compliance and Robustness Rules as specified in the PlayReady License Agreement(s). Microsoft has launched the SL3000 certification program for Intermediate Product Licensees to demonstrate compliance and robustness of their PlayReady products.

Riscure has been accredited by Microsoft as a security test lab for evaluating PlayReady products against the applicable Compliance and Robustness Rules. As a PlayReady Intermediate Product Licensee you are invited to contact Riscure to discuss the certification process, including evaluation scope, lead- and duration time, pre-requisites and our commercial offer.

Benefits of working with us

We are the market leader in content protection security evaluation

With an impressive track record in security evaluation of secure System-on-Chips (SoC), Set-Top-Boxes, SmartTV’s and DRM applications being deployed in the premium content industry, Riscure is the preferred test lab for the majority of the content industry, hence we often know exactly what is required for your project to succeed.

Time to market

Since we have many analysts who are expert in the content protection field, we likely have timely capacity for your project.

One stop shop

If Playready is not the only certification you seek, we can be a highly efficient one-stop-shop, combining work for multiple schemes in content protection related certifications such as CAS vendor (Conax, Irdeto, Nagra, Verimatrix and Viaccess-Orca) and GlobalPlatform TEE certification.

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