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Security for Multiple Service Operators

Increase security robustness of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) connected home ecosystem, and relevant backend services and address specific requirements of media such as MovieLabs and DRM liability.

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Pay-TV Operators and Telcos offering multiple services, who would like to mitigate the overall risk and potential impact of the device on the backend systems or their media services, Riscure offers tailored expert security evaluations.

Assessment of risk for remote bricking, theft of services, attacks to backend through client devices, upgrade without paying, and reputational damage, DRM liability or MovieLabs requirements breaking.

While the servers and backend infrastructures are periodically pen-tested, the device/STB/SmartTV/connected home network and device security are often overlooked. The pen-testing of the backend considers just the general attacker profile while neglecting the potential security breaches and costs coming from the devices/media specific applications.

As the market leader for the security of embedded devices, Riscure has knowledge and expertise ranging from holistic device security (Android TV, other OSs, networking and secure boot) to hardware security and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) security. Riscure can answer most of your security concerns about device security. Furthermore, we offer our services as well as training and consulting during development. There is no alternative in the MSO market that can deliver the years of experience and expertise in the security field.

Track record

Riscure has provided security services addressing general device security (runtime environment, OEM SW stack evaluation, e.g. FSBL/SSBL, Rescue loader) as well as various interface testing such as network interface testing, debug interface. Our portfolio includes over 600 device security reviews including routers, modems, STBs and TV sets. Riscure was the first lab offering security evolution in the context of MovieLab requirements on both device and chipst/platform level. Riscure performed Movielabs CPE compliant evaluations of DRM, with MSPR and Widevine.

Benefits and key features

The proven track record working with MSOs and device evaluations: 500+ Network CPE, STBs and TV evaluations so far, with added aspects of MovieLabs requirements as well as DRM requirements (PlayReady, Widevine and ChinaDRM).

Trusted partner with a proven embedded system security expertise with strong presence in media market.

Tailored security assessment for specific security needs of each device (general security posture, effects on the backend network, DRM or MovieLabs requirements).