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Network Operators Security Service

Increase security robustness for network Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

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The security of the operator’s network is an important aspect of everyday operation that is growing due to the increased complexity of consumer home equipment and service offerings, emerging technology like Android TV and privacy protection legislations. While the servers and backend infrastructures are periodically pen-tested, the device/STB/SmartTV network and device security are often overlooked. The pen-testing of the backend considers just the general attacker profile while neglecting the potential security breaches and costs coming from the devices. It is especially vital for network providers to assure the security of their devices, because they are not only responsible for the security of their products, but for the personal data of their customers. The potential data leakage creates risks of attacks on operator’s infrastructure through the weakened customer channels. Another network providers’ challenge is liability and revenue decline that is caused by privacy violations and loss of network availability.

As the market leader for the security of content protection and embedded device security, Riscure offers device security evaluations that take into account the overall risk factors for the network operators. With the security mechanisms in scope, Riscure focuses on the security of the device and network behind it. Furthermore, such services as Pre-certification and consulting are also available.

Benefits and key features

The proven track record on the device evaluations: 500+ Network CPE, STB and TV evaluations so far.

In-depth knowledge of the eco-system and trusted partner of all SoC vendors and CA/DRM vendors, based on our market leadership in content protection.

Expert in sophisticated security evaluations and the advanced attack methods.

Riscure is a recognized brand with Hollywood studio’s.