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Device security evaluation for DRMs, MovieLabs and MSO

Provide assurance to your customers that your smart TVs, tablets, dongles, modems and routers provide security robustness needed for deployment to the end-customers, DRM and MovieLab requirements.

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Riscure security evaluations are tailored for device vendors of TVs, tablets, dongles, routers, modems, STBs and applications on those platforms who would like to reduce security risk and liability within media market. Riscure performs the evaluations of broad-range of devices used to deliver multiple services such as: routers, modems, TV sets and STBs. On the level of device security (Android TV, Linux, networking and boot process) as well as media related application security (DRM and white-box) Riscure can support your security aspirations. Our evaluations can be scoped to also cover various set of media related requirements such as all-encompassing MovieLabs as well as various DRM security robustness requirements (PlayReady, Widevine and ChinaDRM).

Track record

Riscure supported many vendors in media and entertainment market with security evolution of their devices. Riscure provides security services addressing general device security (runtime environment, OEM SW stack evaluation, e.g. FSBL/SSBL, rescue loader) as well as various interface testing such as network interface testing, debug interface. Our portfolio includes over 600 device security reviews including STBs, routers, TV sets and dongles. Riscure was the first lab offering security evolution in the context of MovieLab requirements on both device and chipset/platform level. Riscure performed Movielabs ECP compliant evaluations of DRM, with MSPR and Widevine.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Tailored security assessment for your specific security needs and devices (general security posture, DRM or MovieLabs requirements).

One evaluation to address multiple market requirements (General device security, MovieLabs, PlayReady, Widevine)

Trusted partner with a lot of embedded system security expertise with strong presence in media market.

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  • Jelte Katsma

  • Director Sales & Business Development, Content Protection