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End-to-end security evaluation for Operators and STB manufacturers

Operators working with streaming devices, who would like to mitigate the overall risk and potential impact of the device on the backend systems and business model, Riscure offers tailored expert security evaluation services. Assessment of risk for remote bricking, theft of services, upgrade without paying and reputational damage, among others. This service is also available for STBMs who would like to provide assurance to operators and reduce risk and liability. There is no alternative in the content protection market that can deliver the years of experience and similar expertise in the security field.

During the evaluation, we will examine HW and logical interfaces that provide access to the device and high-level application. We also examine the access from the device towards operators network. We will evaluate the secure configurations: network configuration, application configuration, OS (Linux, Android) configuration as well as chipset secure configuration (OTP) with respect to SoC release notes.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Tailored for your specific security needs and devices.

Evaluated with relevant market requirements in mind such as MovieLabs.

Support during development reduces spending on security.

Trusted partner with a lot of embedded system security expertise.

High level of assurance in a short amount of time.

Constantly improving customer’s skills for their long-term success in the market.

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  • Jelte Katsma

  • Director Sales & Business Development, Content Protection