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Payment terminals

Ensure integrity of payment transactions and protection against skimming.

Automotive applications

Today’s embedded technology are becoming increasingly more complex, interconnected and reliable on software technology. Examples of security sensitive technology are access control systems “HSMs”, Telematics Control Units, Engine Control Units, Infotainment systems, On board units and “black box” registration modules.

Mobile phones

The SIM locking mechanism and firmware upload mechanism have high security requirements. Further, third party applications may have additional security requirements. Examples are NFC payment applications, online banking applications, authentication methods and DRM technology.

Set top boxes (decoders)

An STB interacts with a Conditional Access smart card and performs decryption of the Pay-TV signal. Amongst other attacks, the STB in combination with the smart card should protect the content against a card sharing attack.

Game consoles

The protection of the key structure on a game console device is critical to the management of the digital rights and fair play.

Residential gateways

VoIP account details as deployed by the telecommunication operator should not be accessible to the end user.

Voting machines

Ensure the integrity and anonymity of votes entered into a voting machine.

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