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The rise of Bitcoin showed everyone a new cryptocurrency world, with a potential to become a trusted and transparent payment instrument in financial market. Everywhere all over the world different cryptocurrency creators and solution providers working on security methods to protect this industry and help move it forward.

To keep cryptocurrency secure, different solutions were introduced to the market starting from Mobile and Hardware crypto wallets for end-user to server-based crypto-storages for financial institutions. Crypto Storage solution can be purely software-based or a combined hardware/software development based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment). It is also possible to implement such solution as a separate hardware module. In case of the server-based crypto-storages for financial organizations we observe even more complex solutions involving HSM (Hardware Security Modules).

The area is relatively new and there is no strong regulation and security requirements. However, payment institutions and banks were looking for an advanced security protection, good privacy and formal evaluation evidence from a well recognized security lab.

By working in the area of security for more than 17 years, Riscure has accumulated vast experience to help clients on each step of their solution development process. Working with several clients on cold and hot wallets evaluations, Riscure focuses on logical attacks in combination with design and code review. This way we are able to provide a solid evidence of security robustness too all parties. Due to the extensive work on software/hardware based security solutions as well as TEE solutions, Riscure can re-use the evaluation effort if permitted by the solution developers to provide better evaluation with respect to the system countermeasures.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Expert knowledge to streamline the evaluation of Cryptocurrency Cold and Hot storage solutions.

Recognized security lab with vast experience in security in different domains around mobile payment, content protection and common criteria certification.

Support for customers during the development phase to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities to be discovered during certification.

Changes and adaptations to satisfy requirements can be easily attached to the main evaluation.

Minimizing throughput time and de-risk projects by professional training and pre-evaluation.

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