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Common Criteria Certification

Common Criteria is worldwide-recognized program that allows security recognition of the broadest set of products in contexts such as Industrial, Government, Automotive, B2B, B2C, any many others.

Easily recognizable product security description, explanation or label is paramount for every product vendor, product user or product handler that processes, transmits or stores secret assets.

The smart card industry has been applying Common Criteria for more than 20 years due to level of security assurance necessary to the final product users, allowing the program to evolve past the national and different use cases’ boundaries.

With the latest emergence of the novel IoT technologies and use cases, Common Criteria is making successful transition to the new domains, enabling vendors to demonstrate the highest products’ quality and is simultaneously being used as a guiding principle for new and emerging schemes and programs like SESIP, GSMA iSIM, ARM PSA, etc.

Vendors (chipset, platforms, operating systems, applets, etc.) that want to remain competitive in the market developments are actively looking for tools that ensure wider adoption and scalability of their products outreach for which the baseline security implemented needs to be well balanced against the requirements and actual threats in the market.

Riscure is fully accredited to perform Common Criteria evaluation up to the highest Evaluation Assurance Level with the national scheme in the Netherlands, the NSCIB – viewed as one of the most pragmatic and vendor oriented schemes in the world, and the national Singapore Scheme, CSA – the beacon of security assurance in the east.

With an increasing pressure on time to market and cost reduction, Riscure believes that close interconnection between product development and certification is needed, and our services portfolio is developed with maximum flexibility in mind and ability to be seamlessly incorporated into any development phase.

Thus, Riscure constantly challenges traditional certification approach, while actively looking for new ways to bring additional value to the market, allowing our partners to effectively combine or bundle different certification programs in one go.

Benefits of working with us

Continuously improving partner’s products while working on updating the development environment and processes (providing best conditions to scale the output of approved products)

Expertise and ability to tackle non-classical development and certification challenges (more meaningful certificates)

Execution flexibility provided with wide array of partner companies (time to market)

Riscure is proud that companies like NXP, Huawei, Qualcomm, Trustonic and others have placed trust in us to help them address challenges arising from globally connected world. Read more about our accomplishments and global contribution:

The first one to facilitate the V2X certification

Scaling certification output

Providing the maximum outreach

Supporting vendors surpass continental boarders

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