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Automotive V2X and other certification programs

Certify your V2X product with an expert partner for both automotive market security as well as security certification programs.

Next to UNECE regulations, cyber security in the automotive market is influenced by the introduction of the Cyber Security Act in Europe. For the automotive industry, this is particularly significant with the wider adoption of car-to-car (C2C) and vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication, as well as the hierarchical security architecture of a vehicle. The challenge of making a car safe becomes increasingly dependent on proper security. V2X security aspects are addressed by the initiative of resulting in industry-recognized protection profile mandating security requirements and assurance levels for the relevant products.

Utilizing more than 15 years of experience in security evaluations of TEEs, HSMs, TPMs addressing the automotive market, Riscure performs certifications of automotive V2X HSM and TPM devices. Riscure is an accredited laboratory with the NCSIB (Dutch Common Criteria certification body) to perform V2X product type of security evaluations. To further support the market, Riscure also offers mapping between different standards and requirements such as CC, SESIP, and ISO/SAE 21434 or SPICE. Riscure supports vendors in certifying products for other automotive use cases such as payment in cars.

Track record

  • First ever V2X certification
  • The majority of Riscure activities in the automotive market are covered by confidentiality agreements we have in place with our partners. With increasing maturity in the market, Riscure expects more joint partnerships will soon reach the public knowledge domain


The benefits of working with Riscure

With increasing pressure on time to market, Riscure believes that close interconnection between product development and certification is needed. Therefore, Riscure’s services portfolio is developed with maximum flexibility in mind and the ability to be seamlessly incorporated into any development phase. Next to that, Riscure supports our partners with navigating the regulatory landscape in the most cost-efficient manner by providing relevant mappings in between different standards and supporting vendors to quickly adapt to new initiatives.

Continuously improving partner’s products while working on updating the development environment and processes (providing best conditions to scale the output of certified products)

Execution flexibility provided with wide array of partner companies (minimizing time to market)

Expertise and ability to tackle non-classical development and certification challenges in various scheme settings (more meaningful certificates and bundled evaluation activities)