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Inspector White Box Crypto module

Inspector WBC offers precisely the functionality needed for performing side channel analysis and fault injection on software implementations whilst it benefits from the established Inspector base software which is the benchmark for hardware side channel testing for manufacturers, test labs and governments all over the world.

Testing WBC side channel robustness

Side channel testing on WBC implementations which are written in software requires several unique features which are different from testing hardware cryptographic implementations. Inspector WBC offers:

  • Easy and intuitive importing of memory dumps from white box implementations
  • State-of-the-art compression techniques based on redundancy, statistical properties or by resampling binary traces
  • Strongly optimized side channel attacks for binary traces: 1/8 of the memory consumption of normal attacks, multi-threaded and faster algorithms
  • Leveraging existing Inspector side channel attack coverage

Inspector WBC is licensed with an annual subscription. The subscription gives access to the software, to regular software updates and to Riscure’s side channel helpdesk that has been offering great support to our customers for many years. For a wider deployment in your organisation additional user seats can be added to the package. On request Riscure can offer consulting to assist with the first-time configuration of trace set capturing which is specific to your WBC implementation.


Inspector WBC leverages the large base of side channel attacks already available in our existing Inspector flagship products

A large number of relevant attacks for SCA and FI ready for use (DPA, DFA, etc)

Alignment features for data dependent control flow implementations

Trace preprocessing + attacks for higher order analysis

Customizable and module source code available so you can easily add your own algorithm

Pattern analysis with advanced signal analysis features

For example  auto-correlation and low pass filtering

Ready for the next generation by modifying existing functionality

The Inspector IDE (integrated development environment) allows the user to modify existing functionality of user modules, such as the crypto attack methods and binary import features.  Module code available so you can easily add your own algorithm.

Exploring and finding leakage with known key analysis

Advanced features

Alignment features for data dependent control flow implementations.  Trace preprocessing + attacks for higher order analysis.

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