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High Precision EM-FI Probe Tips

Perform precise local glitching using powerful electric magnetic pulses.


Single-mode diode laser: an ALPhANOV & Riscure product

BBI probes (RBBI/FBBI)

Perform precision localized glitches with high power electrical pulses.


Advanced pattern-based triggering device for generating time independent pulses to avoid jitter and time-related countermeasures in SCA or FI testing.


Easily identify valuable hidden signals buried in noise, for reliable triggering and countermeasure detection.


Reduce complexity in Side Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection (FI) by creating a single control point for communication and glitch pattern generation

High-Power Glitch Amplifier

Out-of-the-box solution for high power targets up to 10A

DPSS Lasers

Laser cutter source replacement for fault injection offering fast and reliable triggering and easy control of the output power.

VC Glitcher

Generates accurate and repeatable two nanosecond voltage or clock glitches with fully programmable pattern and control logic

Glitch Amplifier II

A Security Test Tool for Power Glitches on Embedded Devices.

Power Tracer

Low-noise transparent card reader for SPA/DPA side channel power measurements with precise triggering capabilities


Analog filter and demodulator for Electromagnetic (EMA-RF) and Radio Frequency Analysis (RFA) on contactless solutions (ISO/IEC 14443)

Build your own setup

The entire portfolio of Riscure Tools and complete tool sets is available in our new automated quotation system. Select the tools your want and we will get back to you with a quotation.

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