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Diagnostic security test tools for automotive

Complexity in cars is increasing constantly. The increase in electronic units in a car working together to give the driver an optimal experience has the unfortunate downside that the number of points for an attacker to exploit has also increased significantly.

Getting a deep insight in what is happening within the electronic circuits of a vehicle and pinpointing vulnerabilities that are exploitable by an attacker is what Huracan is designed for.

Key features

Discover vulnerabilities in early development stages

Integrate in your existing test bench

Emulate a third party ECU in your test setup

Full control over trigger timing in fault injection and side channel setups

Create custom attack scenario’s based on an extendable Python framework

Create Fuzzing scenarios to test the robustness of your product

Execute a Man in the MIddle (MiT) attack with ease

Huracan - diagnostic security test tool for automotive cybersecurity

To get started you don’t need to be a security expert. Huracan and the software that controls it can be easily integrated in your existing test bench and execute predefined attack scenario’s to guarantee a baseline with regard to the security an ECU.

Development of an ECU will be faster when Huracan is used to flag possible vulnerabilities in an early stage which will make solving them also cheaper. To support your development teams Huracan enables fuzzing, scanning and mocking of additional ECU’s needed in a test setup.

For security teams, Huracan is extendable with specialized tools for side channel analysis and fault injection to increase the coverage of your tests with more advanced attack scenarios.

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