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Secure Coding: Challenges and Best Practices

Join Riscure Academy’s Principal Security trainer, Rafael Boix Carpi, in his presentation of the Challenges of Secure Coding webinar. In this webinar, he is going to share his expertise on good code practices and skills required for secure coding. He will also discuss why an attempt to implement secure coding practices sometimes results in a bad and unsafe code.

Secure Coding awareness

It is known that C and C++ often allow insecure behavior with their rules for “easy” operations and lots of caveats. Therefore, the experience of Riscure Academy shows that even skilled developers sometimes run into complications and difficulties due to the overall complexity of secure coding techniques. 

Another reason that leads to challenges in secure coding is blind trust into the standards like MISRA C and CERT C without in-depth understanding of code review and secure coding practices. In other words, the biggest problem of insecure coding is lack of awareness and knowledge on why security issues appear. Many development teams do not stay up-to-date with security developments and therefore do not have sufficient knowledge about both insecure coding case studies and good code practices.

It all comes down to secure coding training and good code practices.

Secure Coding is not just about knowing rules and guidelines but also about verifying risky assumptions and ensuring top-of-mind security awareness. Riscure Academy teaches you to look critically beyond these secure coding guidelines by learning why they exist and when following these guidelines is not enough. 

In this webinar, you can learn about some of the good code practices as well as how Riscure Academy can support you in advancing your skills. 

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