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Riscure Workshop 2024

Riscure Workshop 2024 is our annual event where we showcase the latest developments in device security. Join us on June 20 in Shanghai, China and on July 3 in South Korea!

Riscure Workshop 2024: Dates and Location

This year’s series of Riscure Workshop events had an early start. The first events already took place in Austin, Texas, and Delft, The Netherlands. We are inviting our current and future customers to join our upcoming events in Shanghai, China on June 20 and in South Korea on July 3. You can register for either of those using the form below. After registration, our team will contact you.


Throughout the workshop, we’ll share insights into the latest advancements in Pre- and Post-Silicon SCA & FI security, demonstrate the capabilities of our hardware tools, and discuss recent research endeavors. Attendees will also have the opportunities to network and collaborate with peers from various companies and industries, specializing in embedded hardware and software solutions.

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WeLove.fi: join us in social media

WeLove.FI is an initiative of Riscure to educate and advocate the industry on the threat and the potential impact of Fault Injection attacks. Our purpose is to show on one side how customers can protect themselves against fault injection attacks, and on the other side demonstrate the potential of Fault Injection research as we constantly investigate new attack methods.

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