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Riscure Workshop 2022

The 15th Riscure Workshop is the highlight event of the year. This time we are going back to a 100% in-person event without an online broadcast. Meet with us this year in seven locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Middle-East. Check the agenda below and register to express your interest. Our team will get in touch with you soon!

Riscure Workshop: Agenda, Dates and Locations

We are pleased to invite you to Riscure’s 15th Annual Global Workshop, our annual event where we share the latest developments in the field of device security. This global workshop will start in August in North-America, move to Europe and continue in Asia and Middle-East. With 7 locations, we expect you will find the time to meet us locally.

What is the Riscure User Workshop?

This year we emphasize on the USER of our Riscure products again. Our goal is to meet with current and future customers of our Inspector and True Code products range. You will also have a chance to get in contact with colleagues from various industries, specializing in embedded hardware and software.

Dates and Locations

This year we do not plan to host this event online. You are welcome to meet with us in-person at one of the locations accross the world. Feel free to register your interest by completing the form below.

Exclusive events for your team only

During our Riscure Workshop tour we also offer a chance to have a private event with your team. Private events require a minimum of 10 attendees from your company. We will be happy to offer a customized program with the knowledge and Riscure tool demonstations that suit your needs. If you are interested, please get in touch with us via welove.fi@riscure.com.


Full event program will be posted later. During the event we expect to cover the following topics:

  • What’s Hot, What’s Happened
    • By Marc Witteman – CEO/Founder of Riscure.
    • A summary of interesting and intriguing stories which occurred this year.
  • Fuzzing
    • With the latest ISO21434 standard the automotive industry is making a big transition from Safety to Security. We believe (software) fuzzing is one of the ways to help customers and new security experts to quickly move forward.
  • FIRM
    • Fault Injection Resistance Metric (FIRM) is a novel method to measure the resistance of a chip against Fault Injection. Our first release will be in Inspector soon and gradually move to our software analysis tool (True Code) and upcoming Pre-Silicon tool. We will share more details about this new technique during the event.
  • Hardware Updates
    • What have we been working on this pandemic? How about a new EM-FI probe that can not only fire with more flexibility but also measure the response at the same time? You may also be interested to learn about our new target, the Riscuberry!
  • FIPy
    • Our best kept secret so far, Fault Injection for Python. Used by some but so far undiscovered by many. We would like to show you the benefits of using FIPy and guide you to all the resources available online to start working with it.
  • Clock Glitching
    • An ‘old’ test method for Smart Cards re-invented for embedded systems.
  • Software and Research Updates
    • What have we released and what is our roadmap for Inspector and True Code for 2022/2023 and beyond. We will also share information about the latest research projects at Riscure.
  • Hands-on Sessions
    • We don’t want you to just sit and listen. Bring your laptop and have a live access our Azure practice environment. We have prepared some challenges for you to tackle together while experiencing the tools we have developed. Spoiler: There are some prizes to win!


Register now by filling in the form below!

WeLove.fi: join us in social media

WeLove.FI is an initiative of Riscure to educate and advocate the industry on the threat and the potential impact of Fault Injection attacks. Our purpose is to show on one side how customers can protect themselves against fault injection attacks, and on the other side demonstrate the potential of Fault Injection research as we constantly investigate new attack methods.

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