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Riscure Workshop 2021

Advance your ordinary with one transformative workshop. Meet with us online and in-person to discuss the latest developments in hardware security.

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Riscure Workshop: September and October

We are pleased to invite you to watch the recorind of the Riscure’s 14th Annual Global Workshop, that took place in September 2021.

What is the Riscure Workshop?

Live at the start of September 2021, the Riscure team launched a series of virtual videos accessible for all attendees. This material will provide context as to the most relevant industry developments and their importance more broadly. The 25 video sessions are spread around over 5 days and are based on 5 tracks: R&D, Attack, Secure Coding, Riscure, and Q&A. There are also various guest speakers, like Raelize, IO Active, and NewAE joining the presentations. To find out more details about the topics, speakers, and conversations of the Workshop, check out our agenda.

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WeLove.FI is an initiative of Riscure to educate and advocate the industry on the threat and the potential impact of Fault Injection attacks. Our purpose is to show on one side how customers can protect themselves against fault injection attacks, and on the other side demonstrate the potential of Fault Injection research as we constantly investigate new attack methods.

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