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Riscure Security Solutions and Keysight: a new chapter in device security

In March 2024 Riscure was acquired by Keysight, a market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions company. A leader in device security, Riscure has found a partner who is committed to leveraging and deepening our expertise across the entire range of services and products. With Keysight, Riscure will continue its journey as Riscure Security Solutions, aiming to expand our security offerings and capacity, enhance our experts’ device security expertise, and enrich Keysight’s market-leading application and security test portfolio. Here’s what you need to know about Riscure Security Solutions by Keysight — and how we can help you build secure products from the ground up.

We are market leaders in Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection, Pre- and Post-Silicon testing, connected device architecture and software analysis.


We help drive security forward

From design phase to certification, we are right there with you to enable and validate security in innovation fast!

We achieve large impact through innovation in security

We love stimulating creative ideas… different ways of solving problems, stuff that others have not thought about yet!  We strongly believe it is because of that attitude that we help our customers better and faster and are able to deliver brilliant solutions in our security testing solutions.

We are a trusted extension of our clients

We adhere to a strong set of values, and prove our trustworthiness with every project and every product again and again.  This is one of the key reasons we count so many recurring customers amongst the world’s most important tech leaders.

We attract the best people

We are proud of our track record of attracting and developing outstanding people.  Our unique blend of over thirty nationalities brings the best of the world to our analyst and development teams.

A strong focus with a global impact

Riscure Security Solutions by Keysight evaluates the security of software, chip technology and embedded/connected devices that are meant to operate securely in any environment. Riscure Security Solutions is an international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel and fault injection robustness of chip technology. Riscure’s equipment is used by manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories around the world.

Security Test Solutions

Our security testing solutions cover all aspects of side channel, fault injection, white box crypto and software testing. The integrated Inspector solutions allows developers to test their products in both Pre- and Post-Silicon domains.

Security Services

Using sophisticated test equipment and techniques we perform logical, physical and side channel security testing. We help our customers make their products robust and obtain necessary security certifications.

Security Training

Riscure is your partner for Expert Security Knowledge in Embedded Systems.

Innovation in Post-Quantum Cryptography

Riscure Security Solutions follows the scientific debate to stay up to date in PQC security. We work with early adopters to scrutinize their solutions, and we design practical test methods for our Inspector platform. The Inspector 2023.3 release pioneers in post-quantum cryptography with Crystals-dilithium, introducing groundbreaking elements such as simulations, test target implementation, and the first-order CPA attack.

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