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Riscure Online Training: expert-led courses for your team

Author: Riscure Team

As the new year starts and Covid-19 continues to pose challenges to everyone, Riscure chooses to stay as positive as we can and keep developing ourselves and our skills. To help you and your team do the same, we are advancing our training offering this year to make it more accessible and efficient. Have you already heard of Riscure Security Training?

Riscure training programs are developed and delivered by leading experts in the security industry, who are eager to share their experience and expertise with your team! In the pre-Covid era, our training would take place mainly in a classroom setting, due to our hardware focusIn the evermore remote world we live in, we have also been forced to think about new ways of sharing our knowledgeWe don’t know if we wilever return to the former format of classroom training. Figuring out how to help you learn online from anywhere in the world is our new goal. 

Riscure’s renewed online training portfolio bridges the online/offline gap by offering a blended learning experience. We combine online courses with virtual Q&A webinars with our experts. By combining self-paced online training with scheduled webinars for Q&Awe allow learners to find their own pace while still feeling compelled to finish within a reasonable amount of time. During Q&A sessions, a Riscure expert will join your team and share more knowledge and make sure your team has an optimal understanding of the topics covered in training before moving on. 

Do you want to support your team and help them follow the training? Use the digital platform we provide to support your learners and track their progress. 

The big question remains, why do you or your team need to take security training? Think of this corporate dilemma: 

We believe it is vital to invest in your team to achieve greater results. Our training will contribute to the development of various skills. For example, the Secure Coding Fundamentals training program will turn your team into a group of developers that truly have security awareness and grasp the fundamentals of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injectionreducing the number of potential vulnerabilities down the line. Fixing these when it is too late is a lot more costly than preemptively developing the necessary awareness and skills. Find out more about Secure Coding Fundamentals training by following this link.

Throughout 2021, Riscure will be creating new ways for your team to engage with Riscure’s knowledge products. We will be introducing simulator applications to practice and test your skills, dedicated digital communication channels with our experts for constant engagement, and a knowledge base of curated information published by Riscure experts.Check out our current Riscure training and stay tuned not to  miss the opportunity of learning something new. 

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