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Riscure News

This project once again proves Riscure’s capability to deliver robust security evaluations for traditional as well as the latest certification requirements.

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The roadshow takes place February 3-7 in four cities, and is aimed at organisations who are seeking to improve their embedded devices against hardware security threats. Extra session in Detroit is now available!

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Riscure announces the availability of the latest version of its market-leading Inspector software, designed to test the robustness of embedded and connected devices against Side Channel and Fault Injection attacks.

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In February 2020, Riscure will run an inaugural roadshow in Australia in order to meet with organisations who are seeking to improve their embedded devices.

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Riscure to contribute code review and open-source tooling to improve the security the OP-TEE platform.

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We are sharing the detailed agenda for our upcoming Riscure Workshop 2019, scheduled in September-November at five locations around the world.

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A special offer for businesses to ensure efficient knowledge transfer of the latest security expertise in embedded and connected device security.

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This year two notable events on information security, CHES and FDTC, take place in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2019. Learn more about Riscure's special program for attendees.

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