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Riscure News

Riscure is excited to announce that Amazon’s FreeRTOS software has successfully passed the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) certification evaluation.

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Riscure is excited to invite you to join our virtual event on February 5th, from 10 am till 12.30 pm.

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It’s 2021, and we’re ready to kick off the New Year right! If you’re excited about new content, Riscure is pleased to deliver a monthly series of virtual events.

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What is a secure bootloader? What are the most cost-efficient ways to design and protect a bootloader? What are and how to implement best security practices?

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After a series of test deployments with our clients, True Code is mature and functional to help every embedded software development team in identifying security vulnerabilities.

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Join us for a webinar on June 30th at 11.00 CET to meet the team who created the course.

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Join our experts to learn Secure Coding development from the comfort of your home.

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Riscure has successfully executed its first Common Criteria (CC) certification.

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Our Training Academy introduces a complete Automotive Security Architect online program.

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