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The firmware executed by components found in a car provides a starting point for adversaries to obtain confidential information and discover potential vulnerabilities, if they are able to successfully extract and analyze it. In principle, the entire manufacturing process of an entire car can be reversed, potentially allowing the entire vehicle's reconstruction without the need for access to any restricted design information. Adversarial reverse engineering of a component or a system therefore should be considered during design.

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From the beginning of the electronics era in vehicles, car manufacturers have been trying to simplify how to troubleshoot problems in their vehicles.

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In this paper we present the critical security challenges that Mobile Banking applications face in today’s market.

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With the ever-increasing amount of electronic components in vehicles and, in particular, the amount of complex autonomous actions that these components perform, security topics become more and more important in the automotive industry. Not only from a business point of view, as valuable IP assets are contained within these components, but also from a safety point of view, especially when vulnerabilities lead to remotely exploitable attacks.

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