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The Price We Pay for Faults: Video Webinar

Hardware Fault Attacks can break software security by revealing secrets during program execution or changing the behavior of a program. Without profound knowledge of these attacks, it is hard to defend code effectively. Whereas traditional secure programming methods focus mostly on input validation and output control, fault resistance requires pervasive protection throughout the code.

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You may have heard of our published whitepaper, The Price We Pay for Faults, which explains the background and risk of fault injection and proposes using secure programming patterns for security-critical devices. But did you know we have a webinar version too? In this webinar, we explain that mitigating fault injection vulnerabilities in existing products is hardly affordable. It is a much better strategy to use fault mitigation patterns, which help software developers to lower the risk of fault injection cost-effectively.

Whether you’re an auditory learner or simply curious to delve deeper, register to join our CEO, Marc Witteman, as he addresses the dollars and cents of Fault Injection. Find out when it’s important to splurge and when to save, the risks of a vulnerable device, and much more.

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