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Broadband service providers – a security view

Author: Riscure Team

In the upcoming age of IoT development for consumer devices, broadband services are holding one of the top positions on the market and therefore require a high security level of their solutions. Riscure created a new paper discussing the current developments of the market for the device and network security as well as tips from the leading security lab to Broadband service providers (BBSPs).

Security breaches and reputation

BBSPs of such products as internet access, VoIP, and media content, are in a beneficial position with the opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers through their infrastructures and deployed devices. However, their close contact with consumers is threatened by various security breaches that can ruin offered value-added services and reputation. Therefore, it is the most essential for BBSPs to consider the security of their devices for not only the providers but also for customers’ data protection.

Protect the assets integrity

Broadband service providers undertake activities to increase the security level of their edge devices and networks, such as penetration testing of networks and devices, configuration as well as development. The main objective of such activities is to protect the assets and support the business’s continuity. Depending on the complexity of services BBSP might offer, some of the notable assets that have to be protected are:

  • the integrity of the device
  • the integrity of the backend services,
  • the exploitation of Broadband service provider’s services such as the internet, VoIP or content delivery
  • the confidentiality and authenticity of private and secret data

Customers trust in the companies to protect their secret information, like credit card details, usernames, and passwords, and if that trust is broken the development may face a crucial reputational crisis.

In this paper, our experts discuss real-world examples for the current IoT developments in the market and legislative activities of consumer devices. Moreover, Riscure provides insights into the security of consumer devices and how developers can address the challenges that arise when deploying a secure solution.

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