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Piñata (Training Target)


The Piñata board is a development board based on an ARM Cortex-M4F core working at a 168MHz clock speed. The board has been physically modified and programmed in order to be a training target for passive Side Channel Analysis (SCA) attacks such as Differential Power Analysis (DPA) or active Fault Injection attacks such as Differential Fault Analysis (DFA). Additionally, the source code and IDE is provided in order to allow users to extend the functionality of the board and use it as a development/prototyping board.****

  • Challenging training target for SCA/FI: Board accurately models current 32bit embedded devices, HW crypto is implemented similar to current devices
  • Open, fast development: We provide the IDE & source code so people can modify the code and program their own things.
  • Robust: Board shows a stable behavior and is robust to accidential permanent damage from fault injection.

Key features

Suitable for SCA and FI.

AES, (3)DES, RSA support.

IDE available.

Hardware acceleration.

Custom cipher support.

Source code included.

Software implementations.

Extensive tutorial.

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