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We teamed up with ALPhANOV and cooperatively developed a dedicated laser source:

  • Single-mode lasers is the solution for a small spot size. The theoretical smallest spot size given a certain wavelength can be reached.
  • Diode lasers provide maximum timing control. Small tunable pulse duration with high tunable repetition frequency.
  • Fibers allow maximum flexibility in your laser fault injection setup.
  • ALPhANOV is world leading in single-mode fiber diode lasers

Key features

Smaller spot size allows to be more precise to understand what caused a fault.

Avoid triggering countermeasures by using a spot size that does not set off any light detectors.

980nm for devices with thinner substrates such as smart card chips.

Extremely short pulses and small spots allow to have better control over fault injection.

1064nm gets through the substrate and have an optimal effect on the back side.

Robust fiber coupling between LS2 and PDM-HP+ module.

Use with the Inspector or independently from our software with the supplied SDK.

Inspector integration

The PDM-2+ HP Runs with Inspector as well as independent – it comes with its own software and can be controlled via analog / trigger signals. The interface to Inspector and Riscure hardware as VC Glitcher and Spider is seamless.

Connections to the Laser Station 2 are made using a proprietary fiber coupling.

Technical Specifications

  • 1.0 μm / 1.5 μm for 100x / 50x objective with Riscure Laser Station 2
  • Pulse duration down to 2 ns
  • Jitter < 8 ps
  • Repetition rate of up to 250 MHz
  • Power output of up to 5,2W for 980nm; up to 4,6W for 1064nm

The Datasheet

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