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Back-side attacks for laser fault injection has advantages over front-side attacks. In visible light, however, the silicon substrate prevents looking at the layout. Without other information to map the layout to the device under test it becomes hard to identify regions of interest. This option for the Diode Laser Station -any other laser cutter system- allows the user to use a infrared sensitive camera and light source to look through the substrate. Easing navigation, the analyst can easily recognize visual markers to find the location of the attack.

Key features

Easily (re)-find the locations of interest.

1060nm LED sources with radial positioning at an angle to minimize reflection.

Includes IR-sensitive camera, IR light source and adjustable focus ring.

Helps in creating a overview map for back side navigation when stitching.

Useable at any magnification level (tested at 5x - 50x).

Fits existing laser setups.

No need for fine grained polishing or etching.

The Datasheet

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