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DPSS Lasers (532nm and 1064nm)


Our new Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers are a reliable YVO4 laser with better fault injection features over laser cutter systems. Benefits are a short trigger time (< 1 μs), power output that is easy to control and low on maintenance. The DPSS further provides short pulse duration (5kW). DPSS lasers are complimentary to diode lasers.

Together with our partner InnoLas we reworked one of their existing industrial version DPSS laser series into a product that is perfect for fault injection testing. Whilst many DPSS lasers suffer from degragation after six months of usage, our DPSS laser continues to provide the same ouput over time.

We provide one DPSS laser at 1064 nm wavelength for backside chip testing and one DPSS laser at 532 nm wavelenght for frontside testing.

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Key features

Short and accurate trigger time (< 1 micro second).

Power output is easy to control from software.

Fits fiber and optical systems.

Great replacement for laser cutter sources.

532nm wavelength (Green) for front-side attacks.

1064nm wavelength (NIR) for back-side attacks.

Repetition rates up to 100 kHz.

Low maintenance cost.

API for software integration.

Suitable for operation with any microscope system.

USB controlled.

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