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Virtual Event: Students meeting Riscure

Riscure is excited to invite you to join our virtual event on February 5th, from 10 am (CET). The event will share a peek into the security industry, how companies work on research topics, and how theory and practice meet. The event will be organized on an interactive platform and will last around 3-3.5 hours. Furthermore, participants will be able to connect and talk with the industry’s leading experts and previous interns of Riscure in the Q&A section of the event.

Who is the event for?

University students are invited to join us at this virtual event. The event is most relevant for students attending security-related programs. As Riscure is planning on hiring a pool of interns this year, participants of the event will be shortlisted in the hiring process. Therefore, students interested in getting an internship with such leading companies as Riscure are highly encouraged to join us this February.

Who is Riscure?

Riscure is a highly dynamic organization that specializes in helping clients improve the security of their hardware and software security through our evaluation services, training offer and test products. Riscure’s clients include global market leaders across numerous industries, including secure IC’s and SoCs; media and entertainment; payment; automotive; defence; government agencies; forensics; academia and IoT. We deliver our services and products through a highly skilled team of technical professionals from Delft (the Netherlands), San Francisco (USA) and Shanghai (China).

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