Using different laser sources on the Diode Laser Station

Using different laser sources on the Diode Laser Station

Recently Riscure introduced new sets of laser sources:

  • The Alphanov single mode diode lasers with a very small spot size, short pulse duration and a wide power range giving the most precise control for injecting faults in any target.
  • The DPSS lasers which is the ideal replacement for laser cutters that still are frequently used. This laser gives maximum power but doesn’t have drawbacks when it comes to power control, timing and maintenance.

Together with the new laser sources, Riscure and Opto developed Laser Station 2 -the successor of the Diode Laser Station (DLS)- with features and optics that allow you get the best performance possible.

A common question for owners of the DLS microscope if Riscure’s new laser sources can be used with the Diode Laser Station instead of the Laser Station 2.

Unfortunately, in most cases this is not possible. The new laser sources and Laser Station 2 are designed to seamlessly work together. The optics in the DLS, on the contrary, are optimized to work with red and NIR multi-mode laser sources. As a result of that other laser sources may not work at all because the wavelength is fully blocked or the performance is not optimal, resulting in a low power output. For Alphanov lasers this means that power output measured on the die is approximately around 25% of the power the laser generates.

One exception to this is the 1064nm DPSS laser. This laser works great on the DLS just as the multi-mode diode lasers. For all other Riscure laser sources, the Laser Station 2 is the appropriate solution. View the table with our full laser portfolio to see which laser is compatible with your laser microscope setup:

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