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US West Coast Roadshow goes online

Just like every other offline business event, unfortunately we have to cancel our US West Coast event in May amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The good news is we plan to host the entire event online and make the content available to everyone. Do not miss this May 2020 opportunity to learn more about hardware security with us, online.

We call this online event the ‘Riscure Fault Injection Crash Course’. The title says it all: the online event will consist of a series of sessions designed to get you up to speed with hardware attacks, protection methods and, specifically, our primary field of expertise, Side Channel and Fault Injection attacks. The Crash Course is aimed at business and technical leaders who would like to assess the threat of hardware attacks, understand how to implement Fault Injection checks in software to make their solution more resilient. The online event will combine theory and practice, we will demonstrate how to use Riscure tools and Inspector and Truecode software to check against a variety of threats.

We will share the detailed agenda of the event in April, but here are the basic rules:

On May 12, 2020 we will share the entire set of presentations online. The sequence of sessions will match the previously planned Roadshow event, but with expanded level of detail.

On May 19, 2020 at 7pm CET (10am US West Coast time zone) we will host a live Q&A session: our experts will be online for 2 hours, ready to answer questions in real time.

Click here to register for this online event by filling out a form. 

A registration is required to access the content. In April we will inform all attendees on the detailed agenda and let you know how to access the recorded and live sessions. See you in cyberspace!

Also, if you would like to access knowledge right now, check out our free training courses and free course trials.  Complete set of courses are of course available for online purchase or corporate subscription plan.

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