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The latest Riscure True Code update improves FI Simulation

Riscure announces the release of True Code 2023.1, the latest update of our solution designed to improve the security of embedded software. Adhering to our ‘shift security left’ goal, True Code enables device developers to obtain actionable security insights on their code and identify vulnerabilities that truly matter. This release includes major updates of code checking and development environment functionality, including new benchmarks package and FI Simulation improvements.

Watch a webinar on True Code!

In March we hosted a special webinar to discuss the updated features and capabilities of Riscure True Code. Visit this page to register and watch the recording.

Benchmarks and Hardware Abstraction

In Riscure True Code 2023.1 the dynamic testing capabilities: fuzzing and simulation, have been redesigned in the form of benchmarks. Benchmarks are designed for long life and are expected to evolve with your development. Every time you update your code, you can run a benchmark with pre-defined fuzzing and fault injection routines to monitor security improvements and regression.

In the latest release you will also find a new Hardware Abstraction Layer to enable custom mock implementations of memory-mapped devices. Using the HAL instead of source code stubbing, you can simulate code that directly accesses hardware addresses without modifications to source code, which significantly speeds up the development of code checking routines. This saves time in dynamic analysis configuration and enables reuse across different simulations targeting the same board.

Server API

True Code 2023.1 now includes a Server API. The True Code API allows you to set up a centralized storage of various diagnostics data generated by True Code and get access to this storage from other applications. We developed Java-based, Python and Javascript clients to simplify integration of True Code’s diagnostics in your ticket or reporting system. The True Code output can now be assessed on workstations that do not have a True Code toolchain installed.

Many other improvements

With True Code we are committed to expanding the security testing capabilities of embedded software development teams. The latest release contains many smaller improvements and bug fixes aimed to provide better flexibility and robustness. You can find the full list of updates and new features in the Release Notes. Oh, did we also mention the availability of Dark Mode? Riscure True Code 2023.1 is available immediately for existing customers with a subscription. To request more info on Riscure True code and how it can improve the security posture of your development, feel free to reach out to us via inforequest@riscure.com. Learn more about True Code on our website.

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