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Riscure Workshop 2019: Agenda is posted

We are sharing the detailed agenda for our upcoming Riscure Workshop 2019, scheduled in September-November at five locations around the world.

Riscure Workshop is the annual invite-only event by Riscure, the leading provider of connected device security tools, services, and training. Starting from September 2019 we welcome our current and future customers to join us for exciting talks, hands-on training courses and networking on everything that is related to device security. Today we are sharing the detailed agenda for our US and European events, and Japan, South Korea and China will follow soon.

Here are some highlights from our 2019 program:

  • Inspector Cloud: Learn more about our upcoming cloud-based solution for Side Channel Analysis, that enables IoT developers to harden their solutions against hardware attacks.
  • Deep Learning: a research update of our continuous effort to speed up Side Channel Analysis with machine learning capabilities.
  • Software security: two presentations focus on software hardening, including code review automation and Fault Injection countermeasures in software.

Download the full agenda using the links below:

European event – September 19-20 in The Hague, The Netherlands
US Event – October 2-3 in Fort Meade, Maryland, USA

Registration for all Riscure Workshop Events in The Netherlands, USA, South Korea, Japan and China is open. Riscure Workshop is an invite-only event. To express you interest in attending Riscure Workshop please fill out a form on this page, and we will get get in touch with you.

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