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Riscure turns 20

This September, Riscure celebrates its 20th anniversary. With a worldwide presence and more than 150 employees, Riscure today is the leading device security lab and solution provider for a variety of industries. 20 years ago, Riscure was founded by Marc Witteman just like many technical startups – in a garage.

Riscure was founded by Marc Witteman, at the time already an expert in the field of chip security. After working for the leading players in the payment industry, Marc decided to open his own shop with a dream of creating unique tools to test the security of embedded devices. The first prototype of a Riscure tool for Side Channel Analysis was created soon after. In 2005 Marc, together with a small team of security professionals, created the first version of what is now known as Riscure Inspector.

Marc Witteman, Founder and CEO at Riscure, comments: “We succeeded in packaging highly sophisticated knowledge into flexible standard equipment, thus enabling fast and reliable hardware security evaluation for labs and chip vendors.”

Riscure in 2021

20 years later, Riscure operates worldwide with three offices in the Netherlands, US, and China. We have a strong team of over 150 people serving a variety of customers in the automotive, semiconductor, payment, and premium content industries, as well as many others. Our core business consists of robust technology to help hardware and software developers test their solutions, as well as services to ensure smooth evaluation and certification for our customers. Riscure Academy provides training to share the latest knowledge in device security and offer developers a look at their projects from an attacker’s perspective. Riscure Tools portfolio consists of Riscure Inspector, the leading software suite for Side Channel and Fault Injection testing, together with the latest Riscure True Code solution that helps to find vulnerabilities in software.

Riscure has grown to become a place of innovation and talent. As we continue to develop our business, we do our best to preserve our unique culture of a team that mutually shares the passion for technology. The team that is based on knowledge sharing, encouragement of creativity, proactive learning, and support. With our unique knowledge, we aim to enable device security on a global scale.

Learn more about Riscure

If you would like to learn more about Riscure, feel free to join the Riscure Workshop, our annual event where we share the latest developments in device security. The event was broadcast live in September, but the recorded versions of more than 20 presentations from our own experts, as well as invited speakers, are available. You can view them immediately after registration here.

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